As useful as Apple’s CarPlay smartphone mirroring function is, it has one glaring flaw – it only enables the use of Apple Maps for navigation, rather than the more popular Waze and Google Maps apps as with its key rival, Android Auto. That’s set to change as CarPlay will soon support third-party navigation apps in the upcoming iOS 12 release for the iPhone and other iOS devices.

This was announced during a keynote presentation for the new mobile operating system at the ongoing Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). From the screenshot above, you can clearly see the Waze and Google Maps tiles, as well as the Chinese app AutoNavi (Google services are blocked in China). We also get a glimpse of what Waze will look like in CarPlay, with the familiar colourful interface and icons visible.

For now, we don’t have any concrete details of how exactly these systems will be implemented. However, the iOS 12 update will only be released in the autumn, so it’ll still be some time before you’ll get access to these apps in the car. It should be noted that while Android Auto incorporated Google Maps from launch, Waze support only arrived last year, so the app’s presence on in-car screens is still fairly new.

Of course, you’ll only be able to use CarPlay if your infotainment system or head unit supports it. The good news is that more and more carmakers and in-car entertainment system manufacturers are adding the feature, with the growing number of cars to have it in Malaysia including the new Kia Picanto.