It won’t be long before the Audi Q8 makes its global debut in China but the first images of the crossover have already been posted online by Observador.

The design of the production model appears to have remain faithful to the Q8 concept and Q8 sport that previewed it, albeit with a few tweaks here and there. Nonetheless, there’s no denying the Q8 is a lot sportier in appearance when parked alongside its sibling, the Q7.

At the front, there’s a wide singleframe grille with five vertical slats within it, flanked by a pair of rather slim headlamps. Below them, you’ll find blacked out panels that look to accommodate washes for the headlamps. The lower apron is another familiar cue from the concepts, and on the production model, there are corner inlets as well as wide skid plate.

Moving down the sides, the profile looks to be nearly identical to the concepts, with a rakish rear window and the same distinctive character lines. The S line badging on the front fender identifies the trim package applied on this particular car, which is paired with some large wheels as well.

As for the rear, the wide taillight assembly is again, not unlike those on the concepts. However, the design of the lighting array shares more in common with the latest A7 Sportback, with multiple vertical strips in each cluster for the dynamic turn indicators. Those side outlets on the Q8 concept are absent here as well, while the lower section sees the dual exhausts being integrated into the bumper.

While the exterior is all about exuding sportiness, the Q8’s interior emphasises luxury with strong influence from the A6 and A8. For instance, the air-con vents are all positioned to seamlessly integrate with the black/silver trim that runs across the length of the dashboard, with just the instrument cluster interrupting this flow.

Audi’s virtual cockpit fills that gap in the binnacle, and should come with the same (or higher) level of functionality that we’ve come to expect. Similarly, the centre stack leading down to the centre console is where you’ll find the dual-screen setup that Audi has been using for its recent introductions. The upper screen handles infotainment duties, while the lower one deals with the car’s climate control and other convenience features.

Based on the photos, the Q8 looks to be a pretty roomy vehicle with sufficient headroom despite its coupe-esque styling. Rear air-con vents, plush leather seats, ambient lighting and a selection of fine materials are just some of the other highlights.

Powertrain-wise, this unit is the Q8 50 TDI quattro if the badging isn’t obvious enough already. Following Audi’s new nomenclature, the diesel engine will like make between 282 and 308 hp, and could be a 3.0 litre V6 unit (mild hybrid a strong possibility).

More details about the Q8 will be revealed when the vehicle is revealed in China, but for now, do you like what you see?

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