The Kedah state government says it will submit a proposal to the federal government regarding the installation of child seats in cars in order to raise better awareness of safety among road users, Bernama reports.

According to Kedah agriculture and agro-based industry, transportation and human development committee chairman Azman Nasrudin, the level of public awareness on the importance of installing child seats was still low and the lack of its use could lead to risk of injury or death in the event of an accident.

“We will try to come up with a proposal that can be implemented in an effort to raise awareness among the public, including discussions between the federal government and child seat manufacturers so that the item is sold at affordable prices, without neglecting the aspect quality,” he explained.

“Also, the awareness campaign needs to be multiplied and diversified, so that the public can get information on how to properly install a child seat,” he told reporters at a road safety campaign event held in Sungai Petani.