If you’re travelling on the North-South Expressway and happen to be involved in a minor accident, there’s no longer a need to make your way to a police station off the PLUS to lodge a report. That’s because the police’s new Highway Investigation Unit can assist with the handling of any minor mishaps on the highway, The Star reports.

According to Perak police chief commissioner Hasnan Hassan, the dedicated unit will investigate minor accidents along the expressway, its role being to help motorists save time and eliminate the hassle of having to head to the nearest police station.

“Those involved in minor accidents can either sort out the matter at the scene or at the unit’s offices located at major rest stops along the expressway. With the unit, we hope to facilitate any problem faced by motorists quickly and efficiently,” he said.

The unit, which was launched earlier this year, is divided into three zones (north, central and south) along the length of the PLUS. The north zone investigates cases from Perlis to Ipoh, while the central zone handles Ipoh to Seremban, and coverage of the south zone runs from Seremban to Johor.