We recently brought you a list of the best-selling cars in Europe by segment, but now, Market analyst JATO Dynamics has released a more detailed list to see which brand and model fared the best in Europe. A total of 50 countries form the continent, but we’ll take a look at the key few to see how each market fared.

Going by the following list, it’s clear that the Volkswagen Golf is by far the most popular choice, topping sales chart in Austria, Belgium, home country Germany, Latvia and Luxembourg. The brand dominated the top three spots in Austria with the Golf in first place (5,302 units), Polo in second (4,240 units) and Tiguan in third (3,738 units), whereas in Germany it’s a Golf-Passat-Tiguan finish with 80,171, 30,740 and 29,591 units sold respectively.

The Skoda Octavia did reasonably well too, coming out tops in Czech Republic (its home country), Estonia, Finland, Poland and Switzerland. Fiat, unsurprisingly, swept the podium in Italy – it sold 57,179 units of the Panda, 25,955 units of the 500 and 25,658 units of the 500X. The Fiat 500 and 500X also proved to be popular in Lithuania, with 1,277 and 776 brand new units sold respectively.

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What about Japanese brands, then? Well, the Toyota Yaris (2,780 units) outsold the Peugeot 208 (2,185 units) and Fiat Panda (2,135 units) in Greece, while the pure-electric Nissan Leaf took top spot in – you guessed it – Norway with 4,639 units sold. This is quite a feat considering that it outsold the Golf (3,891 units) and BMW i3 (2,450 units), the former being the best-seller in 2017.

The other Japanese model to top a European market is the Suzuki Vitara, with 5,665 units sold in Hungary. That’s nearly twice the number of Skoda Octavias (runner-up, 2,792 units) sold, and the SX4 S-Cross finished in third with 2,210 units sold.

Other high-volume shifters include the Ford Fiesta, which topped the UK market with 47,515 units, ahead of the Golf (33,057 units) and Nissan Qashqai (26,127 units). Volvo has much to be proud of, especially with the S90/V90 taking top spot at home (Sweden) with 13,596 cars sold. The XC60 finished in second place with 6,984 units, ahead of the Golf (6,887 units), which was the top-seller in 2016.

You may find out how other models and segments fared in our report, here. For now, what do you think of the numbers? Does any of this come as a surprise? Comment below!