It’s been a little over a year since the Proton-Geely partnership officially begun. Many exciting news have been announced since, especially Proton’s plans to launch a new model every year, as well as the impressively-specced Proton SUV. Now, it appears that the Proton Design division will be involved in some of Geely’s global projects. That’s right, you heard it here first.

Geely Design’s design director Guy Burgoyne said “the intent is only to expand and strengthen Proton Design. In my studio in Shanghai, we have so many projects – we are only going to be happy if Azlan can help me and take some of those projects off me, so we can spread this workload more. The intent is to make us to a point where we can support each other in a great way.”

Currently, about sixty individuals form the Proton Design team, which is led by chief designer Azlan Othman. Guy said Geely Design is pretty well spread out globally, with studios in Gothenburg (separate design team from Volvo), Hangzhou Bay, UK, Barcelona and California.

“When we have a new project, we try to offer that new product – in the theming stage – across as many studios as possible, so we get a real breadth of ideas and creativity,” said Guy.

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Azlan added that “this synergy opens up Proton Design to a more international experience, in terms of process and manpower that we’re gonna have. Even now, we have a French and British guy in our team. So we’re slowly evolving and growing together with Geely, as a good mentor. So we’re learning from each other.”

The designing teams will work together with Geely Group’s design boss Peter Horbury, the man who was responsible for bestowing the Geely brand with its own identity. When asked on his vision for Proton Design, he said “I have to be honest, I don’t know an awful lot about your culture but it would be a shame if we can’t tap into that and bring that to life in our cars. I’m a great believer in reflecting your place of origin in a product; it adds something unique, something exotic into a car.”

So, what do you think? Any designers or visual artists out there feeling emboldened? Discuss below!

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