Today, August 31, marks the 61st anniversary of the country’s freedom from colonialism. Much has happened in the six decades since we took those first, tentative steps that was independence. There have been plenty of ups and downs, laughter and tears, but we’ve walked every mile of all that together.

We won’t delve into the aspects of other things that have made us what we are, and there is certainly no shortage of magical moments and nostalgia in this regard, instead keeping things firmly centred from an automotive viewpoint, the topic closest to our hearts here at

It’s a passion that has been shared by all, really. Malaysians have always had a love affair with things four- and two-wheeled, of that there is no doubt; we live in a current time where more and more cars – and bikes – are being put on the road, born out of necessity for transportation as much as a representation of freedom in mobility. Fueled by this desire and adoption, the industry has seen some very memorable accomplishments in the years since independence.

The advent of Proton and Perodua are of course at the forefront, the first thing that springs to mind when the subject of the country’s automotive achievements are brought up. However, there are many other significant highlights that have helped put us at the forefront or well on the map, and these have ranged from Formula 1 to hybrid cars.

Indeed, there may be a lot of things that you may have forgotten, or perhaps weren’t aware of about Malaysia and its journey in the development of the automotive industry over the years, and so we’re highlighting 20 of these in a very special video in celebration of national day. All of us at would like to wish all Malaysians a happy 61st Merdeka, and we hope you enjoy the video.