Shown during the launch of the 2019 Benelli VZ125i scooter were the 2019 Benelli Leoncino Trail scrambler and 2019 Benelli TRK 502X middleweight adventure bike. The Benelli RFS150i Limited Edition was also on display, with all three models due to be launched soon although no pricing was given.

All three motorcycles from Benelli via authorised distributor MForce Bike Holdings are enhanced with suitable accessories, complementing the current standard models in the catalogue. This gives riders a choice of something different and exclusive.

As an example, the TRK 502X is decked out in adventure style accessories, amongst which are a skid plate, rear box and panniers and spoked wheels in 19 and 17-inch sizes, front and rear, respectively. Suspension on the TRK 502X has also been upgraded, with the 502X standing a little taller than the base TRK 502.

Meanwhile, the Leoncino Trail comes with much the same accessories, making it a scrambler variant of the standard Leoncino. Also coming with a 19-inch wheel in front and 17-incher in the back, the Leoncino Trail is fitted with dual-purpose tyres and a small wind deflector with the digital instrument panel and LED lighting of the base model carried over.

On the RFS150i Limited Edition, the major difference is graphics, which use the Italian Tri-Colore as a theme along with grey wheels with red stripes. Upgraded accessories on the RFS150i Limited Edition include rubber grips, aluminium alloy sports bar levers and a yellow monoshock spring, although it is not known if this is a graphic change or a suspension upgrade.

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