Some of you might be thinking, with the V177 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan now sold globally (the Z177 A-Class L Sedan with a longer wheelbase is sold in China only), what’s going to happen to the CLA? Well, good news, because the two models will coexist on showroom floors and be sold separately, CNET reports.

During a recent A-Class media event in Seattle, a Mercedes-Benz representative told the publication that the outgoing CLA will continue to be sold until its successor arrives in early 2019. It will be quickly followed by the new GLA as well.

But how will the A-Class Sedan and CLA get along side by side? Apparently, Mercedes-Benz likens the relationship to the E-Class and CLS, in that the CLA will be the more stylish and upscale sibling despite sharing similar powertrains and equipment.

As goes without saying, that inherently makes the CLA the more expensive model. Expect the model range to mirror the A-Class – CLA 200, CLA 220 4Matic, CLA 250, CLAA 250 4Matic as well as the CLA 35 and CLA 45. The luxurious-looking cabin of the A-Class should also be carried over to the CLA.

So, which would you pick, the A-Class Sedan or the CLA?