Last month, Touch ‘n Go announced that it had discontinued sales of SmartTAG devices through its channels as part of its progressive switch towards the new radio-frequency identification (RFID) system for toll collection.

While the RFID system – which is currently undergoing a public pilot programme – will be launched in January next year, the SmartTAG system will remain in operation, and still has plenty of users.

In light of this, Efkon Asia, the Austrian technology provider of the infra-red (IR)-based ETC system, has assured the more than four million users in the country that the company will continue to provide sales and service support for the on-board unit, which was originally designed and developed as an extension of the Touch ‘n Go system.

The company says that it will introduce its own IR TAG device (which resembles the last version of the SmartTAG unit), and plans to have in place a nationwide sales and service network for the unit by October. It said that the device will be available under various brands, one of which is MaxTag by Sigma Technology, which is already on sale online. The locally-made unit is also being exported to Vietnam and Indonesia.

“We are confident that this IR TAG system with its 13-year track record and more than four million satisfied customers in this country will continue to prove its worth as an efficient, convenient and cost-effective cashless toll collection system,” Efkon Asia director Helmuth Blasch said via a statement.

The MaxTag is currently sold on e-commerce platform Lazada.