KLIMS18: 3M Malaysia showcases automotive solutions – window film, auto care, vehicle wraps

3M Malaysia is showcasing its range of automotive solutions at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2018 (KLIMS18) taking place at MITEC, Kuala Lumpur, where the American company is exhibiting Scotchshield Crystalline window film, 3M Auto Wrap film and 3M Scotchlite Print Wrap reflective film.

First up on the range of exhibits is the Crystalline AutoFilm series of window tints, which offers protection from up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays with total SPF rating of over 1,000, 3M Malaysia says. This range of window tint films also offers up to 97% rejection of infrared rays and up to 60% of heat coming through a car’s windows, it added.

The heat, ultraviolet and infrared rejection properties of the window film were demonstrated with heat, UV and IR sources, respectively. The heat demonstration used three panel examples, firstly with no film, then with a dark tint, and thirdly with 3M Crystalline film.

While a dark tint may seem effective at rejecting heat, it isn’t as effective in heat rejection as something like 3M Crystalline film which uses 3M’s proprietary optical film combining over 200 layers of nanotechnology. This helps it reject more heat than darker films, said application engineer at 3M Malaysia’s commercial solutions division, Teh Ann Siang.

This way, it does the job of blocking heat effectively without flouting the visible light transmission laws as imposed by the transportation authorities, he added.

In terms of infrared rejection, four sample panels were shown. Naturally the panel with no tint let through the most, with the colour-dyed window film showing some reduction, though still letting a noticeable amount through. Metallised film showed mostly reduced IR signal, as did the 3M Crystalline film. The downside of metallised window films is interference with GPS and radio signals, such as when using SmartTags.

Metallised film (left) interferes with radio signals.

Joining the Crystalline series of window films is the Scotchshield Crystalline Security window film for added peace of mind in the event of encountering vehicle break-in attempts. In addition to the heat and UV rays rejection properties of the Crystalline range of films, there is a further protective barrier which helps to hold the fragments of shattered glass in place in order for the window to be more difficult to penetrate.

3M Malaysia also showcased its array of colours from its Wrap Film Series 1080 range of vehicle wraps, including three new colours – Gloss Flip Ghost Pearl, Satin Flip Psychedelic and Shadow Military Green.

“The science behind the 3M auto wrap provides superior performance, offering ease of use to graphics installers which leads to outstanding results. This suits car owners who want to be different, and with 3M Auto Wrap, you’re investing in quality, reliability, service and warranty,” said Parameswaran Nair, managing director of 3M Malaysia.

The 3M booth at KLIMS18 also saw the application of the Satin Flip Psychedelic auto wrap on a Porsche 911 Turbo, where applicators demonstrated the quality and relative ease with which the auto wraps can be applied.

3M auto wraps use pressure-activated adhesives for easy sliding, tacking, snap-up and repositioning, aided by invisible air release channels for bubble-free installation, while removal is equally straightforward, the company said.

In addition to the company’s standard range of auto wrap film products, 3M Malaysia also showcased the 3M Scotchlite Print Wrap reflective film, here applied to a BMW S1000RR. This adds sparkle or shine to wraps by using glass beads or cube corners to reflect light directly back at its source, 3M said. This give the wrap a distinct look with light cast upon it, on top of the patterns that can be designed for the wrap.

“This film boasts increased conformability and heat recovery along with wide-angle visibility to ensure the final product shines day or night,” Parameswaran noted.

Discounts and promotions are also on offer for 3M products during its presence at KLIMS18, while visitors to the booth can also have their picture taken with the reflective wrap demonstrator vehicle. Racing stripes using the 3M Gloss Flip Ghost Pearl Auto Wrap can also be applied to visitors’ phones, should they so choose. 3M Malaysia is at booth 2260 in Hall 7 in MITEC for the duration of KLIMS18.