Polestar, the electric sub-brand of Volvo, has teased its new Android-based infotainment system that will feature in the upcoming Polestar 2 and next-gen XC90. To do so, the company launched a demonstration website so customers can get a taste of what it’s like to interface with the new system.

Like the Sensus system in current Volvo models, the new setup retains a portrait-oriented format, but integrates more Google services such as Maps, the Play Store, Assistant, Play Music, Hangouts, Play Books and Calendar.

The design of the user interface is completely different when compared to the Sensus system, as you can tell. There are four quadrants in the home screen, with fixed control bars at the top and bottom of the screen.

The top provides access to different sections of the UI, including the around-view monitor, apps, user profiles and vehicle settings/status. There’s also a slide-down menu for notifications, just like what you’ll find on a smartphone. Meanwhile, the lower control bar is linked to the climate control and seat settings.

Some level of customisation will certainly be offered, although the demo is pretty limited, with some things not working for now. However, poke around and you’ll find some nifty easter eggs like a Space Invaders-style game and a Tesla-esque navigation screen.

Volvo isn’t the only one hard at work on what is essentially a native version of Android Auto (doesn’t require the use of a smartphone) either, as Audi was also named at Google’s 2017 I/O developer conference.