Porsche Asia Pacific (PAP) has announced that in 2018 – the year Porsche celebrated the 70th anniversary of its sports cars – a total of 2,147 cars were delivered in its 13 markets, including Malaysia. This represents a 6% increase from the 2,033 deliveries recorded in 2017.

Based on the data, Singapore came out on top among the region’s market delivering a total of 567 units in 2018. Coming in second place is Thailand with 499 units delivered, which makes it the fastest growing market with a 44% year-on-year growth.

Looking at deliveries by model types, the Macan once again remained the best-selling model in the region with 591 units, although this is substantially less than the 922 units in 2017.

The Panamera proved to be rather popular, with 473 units delivered in 2018, a gain of 40% from 2017, while the Cayenne saw 422 units (+86%). Next up with 304 units (+51%) is Porsche’s well-known 911, and lastly, the 718 series (Boxster and Cayman) with 357 cars (+3%).

“2018 was an exceptional year for us. The strong sales performance across all models and markets underlines the full commitment and dedication of our importer partners across the region, the Porsche Asia Pacific team in Singapore as well as the Porsche headquarters,” said Arthur Willmann, managing director of PAP.

“Together we celebrated 70 years of Porsche at the global Sportscar Together Day, enhanced our product offer in various markets and passed important milestones on the road to E-Performance – gearing up for our first all-electric model, the new Taycan and an even stronger 2019,” he added.