With the Iriz, Persona and even the Saga getting facelift updates soon, it appears Proton is working hard to keep its range up to date, or at least relevant to customers. The Preve, Suprima S and Ertiga are unlikely to be replaced, at least anytime soon, so let’s look at Proton’s ageing MPV, the Exora.

Having been on sale since 2009, it’s well due for a replacement. As a fresh, all-new model seems far-fetched at this juncture, we have commissioned our famed digital manipulator Theophilus Chin to render a possible major update for the local MPV instead.

This isn’t a full model change, but rather an extensive rework of the existing car – a complete re-body, keeping the base model’s wheelbase, pillars, windows and windscreen. We feel this approach is more realistic than the previous set of renders, which was based on the then-new Perdana styling.

Keeping the same basic shape and proportions gives this “new Proton Exora” a familiar, instantly recognisable appearance, while a fresh interpretation of Proton design – complete with an Infinite Weave grille that’s framed by a full-width Ethereal Bow – leads to a much more modern look.

The sides have sharp crease lines – you can take these as a continuation of the Iriz and Persona’s Side Blades – while the rear end continues to feature the Exora’s vertical taillamps and a well-defined rear bumper. A large Proton script, fast becoming a brand staple, completes the rear door.

But wait, isn’t the Geely Jiaji (VF11) destined to be Proton’s new MPV? Yes, that should still be in the plans for late 2020 or 2021 (the SX11 compact SUV is due first), but that will be a much larger MPV, likely to be priced above the RM100k mark. A renewed Exora would fit well in the sub-RM100k MPV market.

This is all speculation, of course. We know that Proton is in fact working on an update for the Exora, though that will likely only involve minor changes (inclusion of a Hi Proton head unit seems a given). So if a major refresh is indeed in the plans, don’t expect it to happen within the year or so. Still, what do you think of these renders? Comment below.