The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has announced that starting from April 1, the registration of all new motor vehicles via the e-Daftar system will require the use of valid vehicle type approval (VTA) certificate serial numbers from JPJ.

The department said via a press statement that all vehicle manufacturers and other relevant parties will have to comply with the new ruling to avoid any difficulties or issues in the registration process.

It added that all vehicle manufacturers need to ensure they have the data related to the serial number of the VTA certificate in their e-Daftar system before March 31, as per the specifications set by JPJ, and reminded vehicle manufacturers to ensure their e-Daftar system is up to date and functioning well.

The primary objective in enforcing this matter is to ensure that every motor vehicle registered and licensed has an approved and valid VTA. The move is also a measure to control and restrict parties from any attempts to avoid the VTA approval process.

The department said that the VTA is a mandatory process for all new vehicle models before they are allowed to be registered and licensed. The process is enforced to ensure that each new model of the vehicle type complies with build features and specifications as defined under the Road Transport Act 1987 and the methods listed under it.