Unlike in our part of the world, Europe gets its own version of the Toyota Yaris, and the current third-generation model has been around since 2011. After almost nine years and two facelift cycles, an all-new Yaris appears to be on the way, as these spyshots suggest.

These two development vehicles were recently sighted barrelling down the Nürburgring, and if you notice, each gets its own camouflage pattern applied onto its bodywork. According to our sources, the black and white example supposedly features a hybrid powertrain, as indicated by the yellow sticker on the rear window.

Meanwhile, the other test vehicle wears a camouflage that is similar to what was applied on the latest A90 Supra prior to the sports car’s reveal. This is likely our first look at the next generation Yaris in “Sport” trim, and the sportier wheels seem to suggest this to be the case.

Of the two cars, it’s the “sportier” version that better reveals the changes to the Yaris’ design, which includes a new front end that no longer has a large, gaping intake. Instead, the grille is now separated into two sections, with a thick bar acting as the divider and spot for the number plate.

The smaller grille also sees a new front bumper, whereby the intake in the lower apron is now “pinched” at the bottom, with fog lamps tucked away within caved-in corners. Reshaped headlamps are also part of the new face, and they appear to be inverted versions of what is found on the current car.

Along the sides, we notice the Yaris’ C-pillars are more fluid in shape, as they now gently curve downwards to meet the top of the protruding and more angular taillights. Much like the current car, the “lip” extending from the base of the rear windscreen is still here, although it’s less sloping to form part of the tailgate’s wedge design that is also aligned with the taillights clusters.

The new Yaris will likely be underpinned by the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, with 1.0 litre three-cylinder, 1.5 litre four-cylinder and 1.5 litre hybrid powertrains available.