It was inevitable that an association would eventually come about, and the name suggested, so here it is – The Edge is reporting that the new national car project might see the involvement of Perodua as the assembler for the car.

The publication reports that DreamEdge, the Malaysian innovation and digital engineering services company chosen as the lead for the project, has sent out feelers to the second national carmaker to participate in the endeavour, essentially as the contract manufacturer for the car. Apparently, both Nissan and Honda have also been approached with regards to this aspect.

Another possibility is for Perodua to assist in the design process for the first model. The Edge said it attempted to contact both DreamEdge and Perodua for clarification, but received no response from both parties.

On August 9, the ministry of international trade and industry (MITI) named Cyberjaya-based DreamEdge as the anchor company for the project, which will see Daihatsu Motor Company providing technological support for the programme. It was stated that the Japanese automaker will not have any equity in the project.

The idea of going with Perodua as the contract manufacturer sounds like a logical choice, given the Daihatsu association and the fact that the automaker has around 70,000 units of build capacity to spare. However, industry sources say there would be a need to reconcile potential conflicts between both parties in terms of product offerings as well as ownership rights associated with vehicle parts currently produced by Perodua.

The as-yet-unnamed new national car model will be a plus-sized B-segment sedan (initially mentioned as C-segment, and later corrected), which would not fall very far from the product scope offered by Perodua through its B-segment Myvi. The new national car will feature either a regular internal combustion petrol engine or a hybrid powertrain.

DreamEdge said an engineering capability model mock-up will be revealed at the end of August, and the first prototype will be shown to the public in March 2020, with the final product scheduled for market introduction in March 2021.

Last week, the government reiterated that it will not provide any financial support for the new national car. According to minister of international trade and industry Datuk Darell Leiking, there will be no bailout for DreamEdge should the private project not succeed.