The Naza Group of Companies has donated RM1.25 million to the government’s Covid-19 fund. Group chairman and Naza CEO SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin said “we hope the contribution will help alleviate the plight of those financially impacted by the selfless commitment shown by our medical practitioners, the police and armed forces and other frontliners in helping to manage this situation and keep us safe.”

“Apart from this monetary contribution, Naza Group will actively loo kat ways we can leverage through our businesses to assist the health ministry in managing this unprecedented crisis. As Malaysians, we must come together during this critical period to overcome the adversities that lie ahead,” he added.

Other firms have also donated to the fund, which at this point could already surpass the RM10 million mark. As of March 29, 2020, nearly 38,000 individuals have been tested for the novel coronavirus, out of which 2,626 cases were positive. Almost 27,000 have turned out negative, while the results for over 8,000 more are still pending.

Meanwhile, the government has just detailed phase two of the movement control order (MCO), which introduces stricter enforcement measures starting April 1. So, just stay put where you are, ok?