MCO: Violators come up with 1,001 excuses, say cops – FRU personnel to assist manning roadblocks in PJ

Public compliance to the movement control order (MCO) – which has now been extended to April 28 – may be reportedly at 97%, but violators remain aplenty, as are the excuses given by those caught flouting the order. In Nilai, the police say that offenders will come up with 1,001 excuses as to why they are out and not staying home, Bernama reports.

Excuses given by those hauled up by the cops in the district included having to go to a petrol station to refuel the car, had a restaurant to manage and were on their way home from work, even though they were later found not to be essential service staff. Some were even found loitering at bus stands, on the pretext that they were waiting for friends.

“They are giving all sorts of unreasonable excuses which we cannot accept. We have to detain those who purposely violated the order,” said Nilai district police chief Mohd Nor Marzukee Besar. He added that 40 people have been arrested in Nilai for violating the MCO so far.

MCO: Violators come up with 1,001 excuses, say cops – FRU personnel to assist manning roadblocks in PJ

Separately, Bernama reports that the Petaling Jaya district police is set to get additional manpower to assist in operations, and they will come in the form of Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) personnel.

According to Petaling Jaya OCPD ACP Nik Ezanee Mohd Faisal, 80 FRU officers and personnel will be deployed in the district from today, and they will assist in manning the additional roadblocks that have been set up in Mutiara Damansara, Damansara Perdana and Flora Damansara area.

“We have deployed our maximum strength of 930 officers and personnel. With two more roadblocks set up in the district, raising the total number to nine, we need the additional strength in terms of the FRU officers and personnel,” he said. He added that there is a proposal to have mobile posts in certain locations in the district to station policemen for foot patrols, but this was still under study.

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