CMCO: Four people now allowed out together to shop for necessities, but only from the same household

The government now allows four people allowed to travel in one vehicle when going out to shop for necessities or to seek medical services during the conditional movement control order (CMCO), provided they are all from the same household. Previously, the limit was two people, as announced at end-April, and before that, only one person was allowed in a vehicle during the start of the movement control order (MCO).

The latest decision was recently announced by senior minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, who said there was typically no social distancing among family members in the same household. “As such the government has decided to allow private vehicles to carry four persons as long they are from the same family who have been living in the same house,” said Ismail Sabri in a report by Bernama.

“Nonetheless, I believe some would try to bring friends, but action would be taken against those found infringing the standard operating procedure,” he warned those who were considering flouting the CMCO.

On another topic, Ismail Sabri also noted that public transportation will be allowed to operate, albeit at half capacity. For example, if a bus has a capacity of 40 passengers, only 20 passengers will be allowed on at any one time – this practice also applies to LRT and MRT coaches.