With every new generation of the BMW 3 Series, one question that is consistently posed is always, “when will the full-fat M version arrive?” Well, in the case of the current one, the answer is in September this year.

The news comes from Markus Flasch, CEO of BMW M, who took part in a Q&A session on Instagram, where it was also revealed that the G80 M3 as well as the G82 M4 will make their debut together.

Flasch also confirmed a few details – some of which we already know – about the M twins, which will apparently come with 510 PS (503 hp) and be available with an automatic or manual transmission, along with all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive configurations.

On the last bit, it has been rumored that a “Pure” version of the duo will be rear-wheel drive only with a manual transmission, and these models are said to get their own bumper and wheel designs. Meanwhile, the all-wheel drive M3 and M4 will be paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission – like an M Steptronic unit – similar to the X3 M and X4 M.

However, it is unknown if the latter will get the M xDrive all-wheel-drive system like that found in the F90 M5/M5 Competition, which allows drivers to swap between 4WD and 2WD modes at a push of a button.

As for the engine, Flasch has previously stated that the upcoming M3 will share the new S58 3.0 litre turbocharged straight-six engine with the aforementioned SUVs. This will come in two states of tune, with 480 PS (473 hp) in the standard version and 510 PS (503 hp) in the Competition version – the latter being automatic/all-wheel drive only.

Design-wise, reports indicate the M3 will have less in common with a standard 3 Series and will adopt the massive kidney grille look of the 4 Series, which is only days away from making its debut. Of course, we’ll only know more come September, so stay tuned.

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