Development prototypes of the G82 BMW M4 – as well as its G80 M3 sibling – continue to make the rounds, and the latest spyshots offer up little new. However, it is the first time that we’re seeing the two-door model with a six-speed manual gearbox, after a row-it-yourself version of the four-door was spotted in December.

Munich had already confirmed that a manual transmission was coming, although it was implied that it will only be offered on “purer” (i.e. standard) variants, as will rear-wheel drive. This means that the higher-powered Competition model will only be offered with the expected eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive – the latter with a switchable rear-wheel drive mode – from the latest F90 M5 and F92 M8.

To recap, the car will be powered by the the F97 X3 and F98 X4 M‘s new S58 3.0 litre twin-turbocharged straight-six, producing 480 hp in standard form and 510 hp in Competition spec. The availability of different powertrain, transmission and driveline options will provide what should be the widest variety of “regular” models in the M3’s 34-year history.

As we mentioned earlier, not much else is new about this prototype. The interior looks very similar to the G22 4 Series, which in turn is almost identical to the G20 3 Series. There are a few M-specific cues, such as the thicker steering wheel with two M mode buttons, beefier sports seats (not the racy carbon seats in the Competition) and a Setup button for controlling the driver assistance systems, much like the M8.

The exterior is again pretty much the same as the previous mules. The camouflage still obscures the huge bucktoothed double kidney grille this car is set to get, but bares the slim 8 Series-style headlights, flared fenders, double-arm door mirrors and large rear diffuser with the trademark quad exhausts.