The G82 BMW M4 will make its debut in September alongside the G80 M3, but we won’t need to wait until then to see the sports coupe in all its glory. Recently, a photo of the M4 was posted on the Bimmerpost forum, giving us a good look at the car’s front end.

As with the regular G22 4 Series, the more striking aspect of the M4’s face is undoubtedly the enlarged kidney grille, which sports horizontal slats instead of the 3D pin mesh design seen on lesser variants.

Based on the image, the M4’s nose also appears to be even larger than the rest of the 4 Series range, and the slimmer surrounding trim adds to the effect. This is likely to promote more airflow to feed the S58 3.0 litre turbocharged straight-six engine under the bonnet, which puts out 480 PS (473 hp) in the standard version and 510 PS (503 hp) in the Competition version.

Big grille aside, the car also gets its own bumper design that is a lot more aggressive, with large air intakes flanking the grille, while vertical slits in the corners are likely meant to help cool the brakes and improve aerodynamics.

Additionally, the bonnet sports what appears to be two vents, although they may be decorative creases instead. In other areas, we find BMW Laserlight headlamps marked out by the blue accents, along with the trademark BMW M side mirror design.

According to Markus Flasch, CEO of BMW M, the M4’s straight-six will be paired with either an automatic or manual transmission, the latter being part of a “Pure” version that is rear-wheel drive only. All-wheel drive is available, but buyers will have to opt for an eight-speed auto if they want power going to all four wheels.

GALLERY: G82 BMW M4 spyshots