Rezvani has dropped another teaser for the upcoming Hercules 6×6, which is the Californian company’s latest creation that is being touted as the “god of all trucks.” The six-wheeler was first teased earlier this year, but its original launch set for the summer was delayed, likely due to the pandemic.

The latest teaser gives us a good look at the Hercules’ brightly-coloured wheels, along with a body that is certainly very rugged in terms of design. Considering this is the same company responsible for the regular and military-spec Tank, looking tough is certainly what you would expect from Rezvani.

Aside from looking the business, the company also hails the Hercules as “the most powerful six-wheeled truck on Earth.” There aren’t any power figures or specifications to back up that claim, so we’ll have to wait a few more weeks until the truck makes its debut.

Upon arrival, the Hercules will join Revzani’s line-up, which currently includes the Tank, Tank Military and the Beast – the last one being a sports car available in three grades. If you’re interested, you can reserve your Hercules for a refundable USD266 (RM1,106) ahead of the fall 2020 arrival.