BMW Motorrad introduces Definition CE 04 e-scooter

BMW Motorrad introduces Definition CE 04 e-scooter

As part of its NEXTGen future vehicles initiative, BMW Motorrad has introduced the Definition CE 04 electric mobility scooter. Designed for urban in typical European cities like Madrid, Milan and Paris where journeys are short and frequent, the Definition CE 04 emphasises BMW Motorrad’s “plugged to life” philosophy on communication and transportation.

Electrification of two wheels is not new for BMW Motorrad, with the introduction of the C Evolution electric scooter in 2014. The C-series electric scooter can be seen as the genesis on the Definition CE 04, together with the Concept Link from 2017, what the Munich firm says is a “transition to production readiness with almost unchanged design.”

Departing from the usual design language of scooters, the Definition CE 04 has a long, low silhouette with a diagonally rising design line at the front end. A flat battery is located underneath the bodywork, giving rise to a new under seat storage solution.

BMW Motorrad introduces Definition CE 04 e-scooter

Opening from the side, the storage space is illuminated and gives easy access to rider for putting away a helmet and other miscellaneous equipment. Locating the flat battery low also gives the Definition CE 04 a low centre of gravity, aiding handling in dense urban traffic.

“A practical everyday vehicle for driving from home to the office or meeting friends in the evening – simply a vehicle for every day in the city,” says Alexander Buckan, BMW Motorrad Head of Vehicle Design. “The urban target group mainly rides short distances of approximately 12 km per day. Long-distance comfort is therefore less important than variable ergonomics and easy accessibility,” Buckan says.

This led to the creation of a “floating” bench seat, allowing the rider to mount the Definition CE 04 from either side or from behind. Practicality and a user-friendly ethos pervades the Definition CE 04, including connectivity between the vehicle and the rider via the rider’s smartphone.

BMW Motorrad introduces Definition CE 04 e-scooter

The connectivity concept extends to the rider’s apparel, in this case a casually cut warm hoodie suitable for everyday use. Waterproof and flexible, the Definition CE 04 clothing features integrated light guides in the sleeves and hood for greater visibility in traffic, along with the ability to change colour via sensors in the sleeve and an inductive charging field for the rider’s smartphone located in an inside pocket.

Saying the Definition CE 04 is a concrete preview of what a contemporary production vehicle could look like, Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design at BMW Motorrad, says, “electric mobility is a central drive system for the BMW Group and we are consistently relying on this technology in our sustainability strategy. Electric drives are also a current topic for BMW Motorrad, especially for the urban environment.”

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  • wow…futuristic design…
    looks like from some anime

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  • dream_125 on Nov 11, 2020 at 10:01 pm

    “The urban target group mainly rides short distances of approximately 12 km per day.”

    For this purpose, the wheelbase seems to be too long?
    How to meander through traffic jams with this?

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  • Avenger on Nov 11, 2020 at 11:41 pm

    Came from AKIRA?

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