In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Honda has launched a new product designed to kill viruses inside your car. This antiviral “mask”, which sits on top of the cabin air filter, is called Kurumask and is being released by the company’s Access division as an accessory for the newly-facelifted N-Box kei car.

Unlike the N95 filters introduced by Geely (and by extension, Proton) and other companies soon after the pandemic hit, this mesh covering isn’t meant to keep particles from entering the cabin in the first place. Instead, its primary purpose is to catch virus-infected droplets circulating in the interior and damage the viruses using its unique surface shape.

This antiviral property is thanks to a zinc phosphate conversion treatment – the same kind used to prevent rust on vehicle bodies. Honda is making big claims with Kurumask, saying it will remove 99.8% or more of virus droplets floating in the cabin in 15 minutes and reduce the number of viruses found on interior surfaces by 99.9% within 24 hours.

Honda also says that since Kurumask doesn’t use chemicals to kill viruses, the risk of the viruses themselves becoming resistant to it is lower. While it’s only offered on the N-Box for now, the company will gradually expand its availability to other models. The product is being sold at authorised dealers in Japan at a retail price of 7,040 yen (RM270).