Kia reveals new strategy, teases electric vehicles for private and commercial buyers – 7 new EVs by 2027

Kia reveals new strategy, teases electric vehicles for private and commercial buyers – 7 new EVs by 2027

Last week, Kia revealed its new logo and its slogan, Movement that Inspires, that both signify a new direction for the future. Today, the South Korean carmaker is giving us a glimpse of that future by announcing the first details of its new brand strategy – including a brace of electric vehicles.

The company is transitioning from its traditional manufacturing-driven business model, turning its focus to offering a variety of mobility products and solutions. The first step in this process is the removal of the “Motors” part of its full name, becoming simply the Kia Corporation.

The first bit of its new tagline is also part of its repositioned strategy. Kia says it has been present in the “movement” industry for 75 years, starting out by building Korea’s first bicycles before switching to motorcycles, delivery trucks and eventually cars. The slogan, therefore, is also the company’s stated mission – to inspire customers through its products and services, as well as their experiences with the brand.

Under the Plan S business strategy revealed last year, Kia has the ambitious goal of becoming a leader in the future mobility industry, offering new electric vehicles, services and even purpose-built vehicles (PBVs) for commercial users. It also wants to produce cars in a more sustainable manner, using clean energy and recyclable materials.

Speaking of cars, Kia has something big in store, promising to introduce seven dedicated battery electric vehicles (BEVs) by 2027. These new passenger cars, SUVs and MPVs will be spread across several market segments and will all be built on the Hyundai group’s Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). They will also have fast charging and enough range for long-distance driving.

These dedicated BEVs will be assigned the names EV1 to EV9. The first of these cars will be a crossover codenamed CV, which will be revealed in the first quarter of this year. It will debut the new Kia logo and come with a range of over 500 km, along with a charging time of under 20 minutes. Also teased are a smaller “commuter” model, a large sedan and SUV and what Kia vaguely calls an “agile and dynamic machine.”

Kia will also be working with partners like Canoo and Arrival to develop a new range of PBVs, built on a flexible skateboard architecture. This will allow for different bodies to be placed on top, catering to the various requirements of corporate and fleet customers. All-in-all, the company is aiming to capture a 6.6% share of the global BEV market by 2025 and plans to build 500,000 units by 2026.

Elsewhere, Kia says it is committed to diversifying its business, offering environmentally-friendly mobility services in major cities that are centred on autonomous electric vehicles. The company is also deepening partnerships with other mobility businesses to offer services in strategic regions. Kia invested in Grab in 2018 and in India’s Ola in 2019.

Other products include WiBLE, a car-sharing service with over 130,000 members, jointly operated with Spanish energy company Repsol. Launched in 2018, it utilises 500 Niro Plug-in Hybrids using a free-floating method, allowing users to freely rent and return vehicles within the service area. Kia also launched KiaMobility in Italy and Russia in September and will expand it to several new markets in the years ahead.

GALLERY: Kia CV electric crossover spyshots

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