Brembo will be turning 60 soon, and it plans to celebrate the milestone by presenting the New G Sessanta, a fresh new design concept inspired by the first motorcycle brake caliper it created back in 1972.

What’s most interesting about the concept is the application of LEDs right into the body of the caliper. The LEDs are quite subtly integrated, and the colours can be changed in a whim through a smartphone app. Brembo also said users can control brightness levels of the LEDs, or set them in a way that adapts to the surroundings.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the LEDs can also function as a safety feature, such as emitting a “courtesy light” when it’s parked at night. This will allow others to locate the bike from a distance.

The calipers can also provide data on the conditions of the vehicle and the caliper, although it’s unclear if this includes information on pad wear. This technology can be adapted to every type of caliper, including those for cars. So, what do you think of this concept? Interesting, right?