It looks like the moves to restrict movement have tightened of late. KL, JB and most of Selangor are going through another round of the movement control order (MCO), crossing of state and district borders now require police permission nationwide, and many of Klang Valley’s largest and most popular malls have been ordered to close for three days under HIDE.

The roadblocks are back too, none more visible than the one on the Federal Highway. The congestion may be a problem if one has to legitimately travel to work – the ministry of international trade and industry (MITI) has confirmed that workers need not have police permits to travel to work; only their work permit or working pass along with the approval letter from MITI will do.

Thinking of using the trains to bypass the congestion below? Remember to bring along the approval letters mentioned above, Rapid KL reminds train and bus passengers. This of course applies only to those who are crossing state or district borders in public transport.

The home ministry has ordered agencies under its purview to step up SOP compliance enforcement. KDN’s May 8 statement ordered the police to not just set up roadblocks, but to stop individuals from taking advantage of public transport to cross state and district borders, specifically mentioning the KTM Komuter, LRT, MRT, ERL and KL Monorail. E-hailing services, too.

With the checking of papers in trains now in operation, make sure you have all necessary approvals when zooming pass the traffic below. By the way, all train stations flagged by HIDE (KLCC, Masjid Jamek, KL Sentral) will continue to operate, but business outlets in the stations will be closed till May 11.