While travel restrictions between Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya were eased on September 10, the limitations of non-interstate travel under the national recovery plan (NRP) are still in place, and that means you can’t travel beyond these borders to another state.

Ignorance – or pushing your luck – may be bliss, but not if you happen to come across a police roadblock. A total of 12 people found that out the hard way when they were issued compound fines on September 15 for violating movement restrictions by attempting interstate travel from KL to Genting Highlands, which everyone knows is in Pahang.

In a statement issued by the Bentong district police yesterday, the happy travellers were stopped at a snap roadblock set up at the KM17 Kee Sang checkpoint, and failed to produce valid interstate travel documents as issued by the police. The 10 men and two women, aged between 20 to 58, were fined for the violation.

Bentong district police chief Supt Zaiham Mohd Kahar said the compounds were issued under Regulation 17(1) Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Regulation (No 2) 2021, where can carry up to a RM5,000 fine for the infraction.

So, while the idea of getting some fresh air and stretching your car’s legs may sound like a good idea, take note of the geographical location of state borders. Else, it could well be a costly outing, one where you don’t even get to the intended destination.