Honda e:N Coupe, SUV, GT – premium EVs to be sold in China through 2026; RWD, AWD models included

Honda e:N Coupe, SUV, GT – premium EVs to be sold in China through 2026; RWD, AWD models included

Honda is already in the midst of aggressively ramping up its electric car portfolio. In China, it will be launching the e:NP1 and e:NS1 as early as February next year. This will be followed up with the production versions of the e:N Coupe, SUV and GT concepts (pictured above) within the next five years.

Conceived based on Honda’s understanding of its China customer base, the trio is designed around three core pillars – dynamics, intelligence and beauty. These are the same principles of which the e:NS1 and e:NP1 are based on, so the automaker promises class-leading driving experience, comfort, and safety technologies.

According to Honda Motor China executive vice president, Toshihiro Akiwa, the e:N models will provide customers with a “sense of unity” and “sense of being in sync with the vehicle.” Sounds a bit like Mazda’s Jinba-Ittai philosophy, mixed with a BMW-esque “ultimate driving experience” messaging.

Honda e:N Coupe, SUV, GT – premium EVs to be sold in China through 2026; RWD, AWD models included

Marketing hype aside, the EVs will be built on Honda’s e:N Architecture. The modularity of the platform enables Honda to create front-wheel drive EVs (designated e:N Architecture F), which will primarily be used for small- to medium-sized vehicles, such as the e:NP1 and e:NS1.

Meanwhile, the e:N Architecture W will be used for larger, more premium RWD and AWD models. As you would have guessed, the latter will feature two electric motors for maximum performance and traction. Honda said the technologies it developed from its vast motorsports exploits will be funneled into the new crop of EVs, so customers can expect top levels of handling plus a highly responsive electric powertrain.

A high capacity battery pack will reside underneath the floor, positioned between the two axles for a low centre of gravity and optimal weight distribution. A single charge is said to provide a range of over 500 km, though the capacity and chemical composition of the cells remain unspecified as yet.

Now, in terms of design, Akiwa-san said future e:N models will be easily identifiable at a glance. These cars will feature futuristic design cues such as a sharp bodylines and expressive exterior lighting, including the Honda badges. The tail will be replaced with a backlit Honda script, a treatment employed by a bevy of luxury automakers like Porsche and Lexus.

As seen with the cockpit of the e:NP1/e:NS1, future e:N models will get a massive Tesla-like vertical display that runs on e:N OS. It’s a brand new software that integrates the much more advanced Sensing 360 and Connect 3.0 systems, as well as a smart digital cockpit with head-up display. The new ADAS system is said to offer more than 20 kinds of driver aids.

Other notable features include wireless OTA software updates, an AI voice assistant that is programmed to understand casual directives, and the ability to link and interact with smart devices at home. A smartphone app will also allow users to activate a multitude of in-car functions remotely, such as climate pre-conditioning.

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