Tesla Model Y in Malaysia – now priced from RM346k

A price update on the Tesla Model Y that is being sold in Malaysia. The all-electric SUV, part of the Tesla range brought in by the Malay Vehicle Importers and Traders Association of Malaysia (PEKEMA), has had its price revised for 2022, with the starting price for it now lower than last year, as a result of a new avenue of importation as well as a new configuration.

UPDATE: It turns out that the brochure sent on earlier by PEKEMA was not the latest one with a revamped pricing. The association has since forwarded its updated price list, which sees that for all Model Y versions being adjusted. The Standard Range RWD, originally reported with a price of RM329,800, is now RM345,800. Also, the LR AWD and Performance versions from HK were previously priced slightly lower than the UK versions, but this is no longer the case with the latest price adjustment. See below for updated prices.

In its updated brochure for the year, the price of the Model Y now starts from RM345,800 (SST not included), brought in via Hong Kong. Last December, that of the Long Range all-wheel drive version of the SUV was listed as starting from RM417,528, but the price has now been revised to RM418,800 – this effectively reduces the entry price for the Y by RM73k.

Tesla Model Y in Malaysia – now priced from RM346k

The primary reason for the difference in pricing is because the particular version being brought in from HK in the photos is a Standard Range rear-wheel drive model, which has a range of up to 455 km (WLTP cycle) compared to the Long Range AWD’s 542 km. Performance specs for the base variant include a 0-100 km/time of 6.9 seconds and a 217 km/h top speed, the same as the dual-motor AWD.

Also, as is the case with the HK version of the Model 3 rear-wheel drive, there’s a difference in specifications of its infotainment system, more specifically in the software available for it – like the Model 3, the HK Model Y follows China’s more restrictive regulations on specific apps that can or cannot be accessed through the screen, which means it has no on-board games or Internet browser.

While the Model Y is available as in both seven- and five-seat layouts, the RWD from HK is a five-seat version, the only configuration available for the market, as are the units brought in from the UK. Meanwhile, the RWD example in these photos is on show at Vision Motorsports, which is located in Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya.

The introduction of the Standard Range RWD brings the total of Model Y versions offered by PEKEMA to five, and these are currently priced at:

  • Model Y Standard Range RWD (HK) – from RM345,800
  • Model Y Long Range AWD (HK) – from RM423,800
  • Model Y Long Range AWD (UK) – from RM418,800
  • Model Y Performance AWD (HK) – from RM486,900
  • Model Y Performance AWD (UK) – from RM481,900

In terms of colours, PEKEMA states in its literature that white is a no-extra-cost shade for its Model Y, while opting for black, silver and deep blue will add on RM6,600 to the price, and red multi-coat takes this up to RM12,600. Also, there’s a 20-inch wheel option for the SUV, available for an additional RM12,600.

As is the case with all Tesla units brought in by PEKEMA, the association states that cars are covered by the warranty as defined by Tesla – for example, Hong Kong lists a four-year warranty on the vehicle and eight years for the battery/drive unit. However, this will need to be claimed from the country of origin from which the car was sold, which would entail the vehicle having to be shipped back for major warranty claims.

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