Initially known as Type 132, the first electric SUV to come from British sports car maker Lotus has now revealed that it will be named Eletre. Once again confirming that the electric crossover will make its world debut on March 29 (tomorrow), we have also seen patent images of the Eletre earlier this month.

The more recently revealed patent images for the crossover now known as the Eletre has also shown that its exterior will feature pop-out, flush-fitting door handles, which will be joined by exterior mirror cameras, as well as forward- and rearward-facing cameras and a roof-mounted Lidar sensor.

So far, Lotus has revealed that the forthcoming electric crossover will be built on the firm’s modular EV platform called Evolution, and thus will feature an 800-volt electrical architecture for quick charging and battery packs with capacities ranging from 92-120 kWh.

Powertrain for the Eletre has been rumoured to be a dual-motor setup, initially said to boast of outputs between 600 hp and 750 hp depending on variant. Thus equipped, the Eletre is expected to have a battery range of nearly 600 km on a full charge, and a 0-100 km/h accleration run in under three seconds.

Earlier teaser images have depicted the Eletre as featuring an octagonal, multi-function steering wheel, digital instrumentation as well as ambient lighting strips throughout its cabin. Manufacture of the SUV itself is likely to be in China, as ownership of the patent filing has been attributed to Wuhan Lotus Cars.

Subsequent to the debut of the Eletre, there will be a four-door sedan currently codenamed Type 133 set for unveiling next year, and this will be followed by another SUV on this platform in 2025. A new sports car dubbed Type 135 will follow a year after that; for now, the latest unveiling from Lotus – the second EV after the Evija – will be tomorrow.

GALLERY: Lotus Eletre (Type 132) patent images

GALLERY: Lotus Eletre (Type 132) teaser images