Ora Good Cat launching in Malaysia soon? Right hand drive version seen charging at Pekema DC charger

We’ve seen the Great Wall Motors Ora Good Cat in Malaysia before – it was previewed at the Bumiputera Development Action 2030 event in December 2021. Before that, we saw it roaming the roads of Elmina in April 2021 with trade plates.

However, in both of these instances, the Ora Good Cat seen was in left hand drive form, basically a test unit from China that is not ready for sale in Malaysia. This is not to say the Good Cat does not exist in right hand drive form. It has already been launched in Thailand for some time, where it is priced from 828,500 baht (RM105k). Yes, as usual Thailand gets stuff first.

The good news is that right hand drive models have finally landed in Malaysia! Seen here is a right hand drive Ora Good Cat charging at the Pekema DC charger at Vision Motorsports in Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya. You can see the steering wheel on the right side of the car, although it is not very clear because of the reflections, but the person who snapped these photos confirmed that it is right hand drive.

This could mean that the Ora Good Cat is now closer to an official launch in Malaysia. This is interesting because the cheapest EV in Malaysia so far is the Hyundai Kona Electric e-Lite, priced at RM149,888. Based on Thailand pricing, the Ora Good Cat could significantly undercut the Kona.

The Ora Good Cat with the RM105k price tag in Thailand is the base Tech variant with the 47.8-kWh lithium-iron phosphate battery. It drives a 143 PS, 210 Nm electric motor. Total range is rated at 400 km NEDC. Top speed is 152 km/h, which shouldn’t be an issue on our highways.

The top of the range is the Ultra variant, priced at 1.0385 million baht (RM132k). This variant upgrades the battery to 63.1-kWh battery for an increased range of 500 km, while keeping the same 143 PS, 210 Nm electric motor as the lesser variants.

All variants support AC charging up to 6.6 kW via a Type 2 connection. There’s also DC fast charging up to 60 kW using a CCS2 connection, where getting from a 0-80% state of charge (SoC) takes about 45 minutes for the 400 km variants and around an hour for the Ultra.

Given Malaysia’s current import and excise tax free policy for electric cars, we don’t see why the Malaysian price would run very far from the Thai prices. Could the Ora Good Cat be your first EV in Malaysia? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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