Wuling delivers first 100 units of Air EV to customers in Jakarta; pricing from RM70k-RM94k in Indonesia

Chinese carmaker Wuling has handed over the first 100 units of the Air EV to their owners in Jakarta, Indonesia. This followed the brand’s opening of its order books for the compact electric vehicle in July, which was in line with the brand’s fifth anniversary of being in the Indonesian market, according to the company.

For the Indonesian market, the Air EV is supplied with a general three-year, 100,000 km warranty, and an eight-year, 120,000 km warranty for the vehicle’s battery system assembly as well as a five-year, 100,000 km warranty for main electrical components.

The Standard Range variant of the Air EV packs a 17.3 kWh lithium ferro-phosphate battery offering up to 200 km of range, which can be recharged in 8.5 hours through a 2.0 kW AC connection, powering a 30 kW (41 PS) rear-mounted motor driving the rear wheels with single-speed reduction gearing.

Wuling Air EV convoy in Jakarta, Indonesia prior to handover ceremony

The Long Range variant features a 26.7 kWh battery for range of up to 300 km, which can be recharged in four hours through a 6.6 kW AC connection. This also powers a rear-mounted motor of the same output and configuration as that found in the Standard Range variant, according to the Wuling Air EV website.

Features in the Air EV include Wuling Indonesian voice command capability (WIND), internet connectivity, with the Long Range variant adding a 10.25-inch dual display setup and a home charging system.

Pricing for the Wuling Air EV starts from 230 million rupiah (RM69,807) for the base variant, up to 311 million rupiah (RM94,391) for the top Long Range variant, according to the Wuling Air EV website.

“We are grateful for the warm welcome and high demand from the public for the Wuling Air EV. We are committed to starting to meet the mobility needs of consumers in the country with this environmentally friendly vehicle, [and] hope that the Air EV can become a daily driving partner that helps make Indonesia greener,” Wuling Motors brand and marketing director Dian Asmahani said in a statement.

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