Mobility solutions provider ParkEasy has announced the latest pricing structure for EV fast charging at Shell Recharge high performance charging (HPC) locations, which has been simplified from five-minute blocks to per-minute pricing, and will take effect from October 1, 2022.

Priced in three tiers – Standard, Gold and Platinum – where Standard requires no subscription, Gold is at a subscription rate of RM835 a year and Platinum is exclusive to owners of Porsche EVs who get complimentary subscription.

At a rate of RM1 for one ParkEasy credit, a confirmation fee of four credits is charged across all three tiers; Standard gets a 10-minute grace period for reservations, while Gold and Platinum get a 60-minute grace period, and all three get a free first minute of stay.

Charging for the next 25 minutes is at a rate of four credits per minute for the Standard tier, 2.4 credits per minute for the Gold tier and two credits per minute for the Platinum tier.

For each minute thereafter, the Standard tier is charged at four credits per minute, while the Gold and Platinum tiers are charged one credit per minute. The required minimum credit balance is 200 credits for Standard, and 100 credits for Gold and Platinum respectively.

In June this year, Shell Malaysia Trading announced its acquisition of a 50% stake in Pixelbyte, the company behind ParkEasy, the mobile app that enables users to find parking lots in malls and other locations as well as pre-booking EV charging slots.

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