The works ministry says that the news report published by a local daily indicating Malaysia as having the 12th worst-quality roads in the world was inaccurate, misleading and gave a negative perception of the overall quality of roads in Malaysia, Bernama reports.

In a statement, the ministry said the data published by US-based online driver’s education firm Zutobi, which was used as the reference for the article, calculated the scores based on only four factors (road quality, improvements in road quality, road deaths and the relative size of the road network) and only took into account the data from 59 countries. This data was sourced from business and economic data website The Global Economy.

It said that another news report published in August, in which the road quality in Malaysia was ranked the 21st best in the world, ahead of Australia, Britain and New Zealand, was also based on the report issued by The Global Economy, but referenced 141 countries.

The ministry said The Global Economy report also cited authentic sources from an executive study involving 14,000 business leaders from 144 countries who participated in the World Economic Forum based in Davos, Switzerland.

Malaysia scored 5.3 points out of the total seven points to be placed 21st in the earlier study, surpassing Sweden (23), Canada (31), Australia (33) and Britain (37). Malaysia was also ranked second in Southeast Asia, after Singapore.