Proton 4X4 pick-up with X90 front-end rendered

Here’s another rendition of the Geely Haoyue VX11, this time as a dual-cab pick-up truck courtesy once again of visual rendering maestro Theophilus Chin. The visual interpretation here employs the Proton X90 render – also by Theophilus himself – which uses this Proton’s badge and grille, and its bodywork appears similar to the X90 rendition until the base of the A-pillar.

The pick-up truck design takes over from this point rearwards, where the lower edge of the bodyshell gains side steps as is commonly employed on taller vehicles, and the pick-up truck’s roof rails are beefier items compared to those on the Haoyue and X90 rendition. Here, a roof-mounted antenna also features, and naturally, a truck cargo tray means upright C-pillars.

The pick-up truck rendered here also gets the wheelarch-aping crease lines above each wheelhouse as on the X90/Haoyue, while the metal-look trim near the base of the doors and their lower crease lines are also modelled after those on the seven-seater SUV. Here, rolling stock is comprised of chunkier-looking alloys with more rugged tyres mounted.

Proton 4X4 pick-up with X90 front-end rendered

The rear end of the pick-up truck wears tail lamps somewhat similar to those on the Nissan Navara, albeit with a more upright outer edge and what appears to be a larger inner cluster for the indicators and reverse lights. Relative to the Navara, this rendition of the Proton also has more pronounced crease lines on the tailgate, while the rear bumper features chrome covers at each corner.

Should a pick-up truck be given the green light by Proton, it will most likely employ a diesel powertrain and ladder-frame chassis combination that is typical of pick-up trucks in this segment. At present, the X90 seven-seater SUV is a more probable candidate, which would be based on the Haoyue.

Proton’s shareholder Geely does have a pickup truck, but it is electric only, in the form of the Radar RD6. Curiously, the Radar RD6 uses the same interior as the Geely Haoyue/Proton X90.

What do you think, dear readers? Would you like to see Proton release a rugged, body-on-frame diesel 4X4 pick-up truck in this style?

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