2023 Volvo EX30 interior teased with single 12.3-inch touchscreen, soundbar, versatile centre console

2023 Volvo EX30 interior teased with single 12.3-inch touchscreen, soundbar, versatile centre console

Volvo’s slow teasing of the EX30 continues ahead of a full reveal set to take place on June 7. This time, the Swedish carmaker is revealing details of the all-electric SUV’s interior, which “aims to make your life more convenient, more relaxing and more enjoyable through cutting-edge tech and considerate Scandinavian design.”

Based on the limited view provided by the teaser image, the EX30 sports a minimalistic dashboard design that features vertical air vents and does away with a traditional instrument binnacle. You’ll also notice the column-mounted gear selector stalk, which is also found in the larger EX90.

Meanwhile, the star attraction inside the cabin is the 12.3-inch touchscreen that provides access to all vehicle functions, while also displaying key driving information such as speed, the selected gear and charge levels at the very top. According to Volvo, putting everything into a single screen allowed it to create a feeling of space around the driver as well as save on materials.

Drivers will also be able to engage a ‘calm’ view that strips away everything apart from the most vital information, which will be helpful at night to reduce eye strain on long drives. The infotainment system uses hardware from the Snapdragon Cockpit Platform (with 5G support) and its software is based on the Android Automotive Operating System (AAOS).

2023 Volvo EX30 interior teased with single 12.3-inch touchscreen, soundbar, versatile centre console

As such, Google services are built-in, providing access to Google Assistant, Google Maps navigation, and apps on Google Play. iPhone users also get some love as the EX30 is the first Volvo car that comes with wireless Apple CarPlay. Volvo says it worked closely with ECARX through its HaleyTek joint venture to “deliver the best possible infotainment platform across the globe.”

To complement the advanced infotainment system, Volvo also developed a soundbar for the EX30, which it claims is the first of its kind. Made up of a cluster of speakers, the soundbar is located at the top portion of the dashboard just under the windshield. “When you choose to combine it with the Harman Kardon high-end sound system, you can listen to your favourite music and podcasts in outstanding audio quality,” the company said in its release.

Volvo’s reasoning for a soundbar is two-fold, with the first being sustainability, as a central unit reduces the amount of wiring and material needed. The second is the additional storage space that passengers get because there’s no need to have speakers in the doors.

2023 Volvo EX30 interior teased with single 12.3-inch touchscreen, soundbar, versatile centre console

In fact, the company says it implemented several measures to optimise practicality, including shifting the window switches to the centre console, which has room for them given it no longer needs to accommodate a gear lever.

Elsewhere, the extra space provided by the flat floor of the electric vehicle (EV) means the glove compartment can be relocated beneath the centre screen, providing easy access to both the driver and front passenger.

Volvo is also keen to point out the versatility of the EX30’s centre console, which has a sliding system so owners can choose exactly how they want to use the space. The top of the cupholder can be slid out to hold a drink and/or smartphone, while the lower tunnel has a protective storage area for small items or a bag with the top portion retracted.

2023 Volvo EX30 interior teased with single 12.3-inch touchscreen, soundbar, versatile centre console

As for rear passengers, they can store their phones in dedicated pockets in the front seatbacks, and there’s a storage box that slides out from beneath the centre console. Taking another page out of the EX90, the brand’s smallest SUV will also come with a handy size guide inside the tailgate, which is useful if you’re trying to determine if flat-pack furniture or other items will fit in the boot.

Volvo says EX30 customers can choose from four interior “rooms, or themes if we’re being sensible, with various combinations of trims and upholsteries made from sustainable or recycled materials.

In the remaining teaser images, we get a closer look at the EX30’s exterior, which is less of a mystery thanks to the leaks and patent images we reported on previously. Pixelated daytime running lights on the Thor’s Hammer headlamps, prominent wheel arch creases, a clamshell bonnet and two-piece taillights are the primary cues on show.

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  • Super excited for this to come to Malaysia, provided it’s priced competitively. With XC40 being mid-200’s, can we expect this to fit right under 200k?

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