Maxus T90 to be first EV pick-up in Singapore, launch Q4 2023 – Malaysia introduction expected this year

Maxus T90 to be first EV pick-up in Singapore, launch Q4 2023 – Malaysia introduction expected this year

Maxus will be launching the fully electric T90 pick-up truck in Singapore in the fourth quarter of this year, reports The Business Times. This will make the T90 the first fully electric pick-up truck to be officially sold in the country through an authorised dealer, as the model is currently available through parallel importers, the report notes.

The announcement was made by Maxus authorised dealer and distributor in Singapore, Cycle & Carriage, at the launch of the brand’s fully electric MPV, the MIFA 9. The T90 electric pick-up truck is offered in a double-cab configuration, seating five persons and carries a maximum payload of one tonne, according to The Business Times.

According to the Maxus UK website, the T90 measures 5,365 mm long, 1,900 mm wide and 1,809 mm tall with a wheelbase of 3,155 mm, while its cargo box measures 1,485 mm wide, 1,510 mm long and 530 mm tall. In addition to the aforementioned 1,000 kg cargo payload, the Maxus T90 is rated to tow 750 kg unbraked, or 1,000 kg braked; its wading depth is 550 mm.

Motive power for the Maxus T90 comes courtesy of a rear-mounted 150 kW (204 PS) electric motor that draws power from a 88.5 kWh battery pack, with total range a claimed 330 km. This can be recharged at up to 80 kW DC, which will bring a 20-80% state-of-charge in 45 minutes, the report notes.

In Australia, Maxus sells the eT60 fully electric double-cab pick-up truck which features a similarly-sized battery pack that also yields 330 km of range, and the same 80 kW DC charge time from 20-80% SoC of 45 minutes. The T90 has the more powerful drive motor, as the eT60 has a motor (also rear-mounted) that outputs 177 PS and 310 Nm of torque.

As for the Malaysian market, word is that the pick-up is heading our way some time this year, and will follow the T90 naming convention here, however there is no confirmation as to exactly when this will happen.

GALLERY: 2023 Maxus eT60 in Australia

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  • ERIKO on Jul 12, 2023 at 5:28 pm

    frankly this truck looks amazing. I wonder what is the retail price in Australia?

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  • gengM on Jul 12, 2023 at 5:30 pm


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  • Marzuki on Jul 13, 2023 at 8:12 am

    310Nm saja?
    a basic DmaX lagi bagus dan cantik

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    • ERIKO on Jul 13, 2023 at 11:44 am

      You are not the sharpest knife in the drawer are you?? U r comparing EV to ICE car?? Hahaha. I pity you

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      • Masini on Jul 19, 2023 at 10:45 am

        quite a cheap spec battery truck compared to $39k Tesla Cybertruck

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