Honda Sustaina-C and Pocket concepts reimagine the original City and Motocompo pairing as modern EVs

Honda Sustaina-C and Pocket concepts reimagine the original City and Motocompo pairing as modern EVs

Honda appears to be in a throwback mood with its concepts at this year’s Japan Mobility Show, as in addition to the Prelude Concept, the Japanese carmaker also presented the Sustaina-C Concept and Pocket Concept.

These appear to be inspired by the first-generation City and Motocompo, the latter able to fit in the boot of the hatchback. The idea at the time was you’d drive your City to a parking lot and bring out the Motocompo as a last-mile solution to your destination.

The Sustaina-C certainly appears to be inspired by the original City with its high roof, angular shape and (cute) circular headlamps, while the Pocket that fits in the boot is a more modern take on the Motocompo. Both are battery-powered but Honda is not revealing technical details at the moment. We can point out the Sustain-C’s rear “screen” acts as the brake lights and charge level indicator, while the Pocket has two small displays.

Apart from their zero-emissions powertrains, Honda says the concepts are also eco-friendly to build as the body panels are made of acrylic resin that is recycled and reused. It’s not mentioned if these concepts will make the transition to series production in the same way the Honda e Prototype, which was influenced by the original Civic, became an electric vehicle (EV) that people could actually buy. It would be quite cool if that became a reality, don’t you think?

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  • I thought Japanese is Anti-EV? on Oct 26, 2023 at 12:50 pm

    I remember all Japanese car maker say EV no good. How come now aking more EV?? Penipu these Jepun yahudi supporter. Pigi lah

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  • Ah beng on Oct 28, 2023 at 1:20 pm

    Ah yes the original honda city better than the honda city

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