Nissan Hyper Punk concept – crossover EV with AI, onboard cameras for influencers and content creators

Nissan Hyper Punk concept – crossover EV with AI, onboard cameras for influencers and content creators

Shown with the Nissan Hyper Force concept is this, the Hyper Punk concept that Nissan says is an all electric compact crossover that is “tailored for content creators, influencers and artists.”

Multi-faceted, polygonal surfaces on the exterior of the Hyper Punk concept is finished in silver paint with tones that shift depending on light source and the viewing angle, and its headlamps, tail lamps and rear design signature accentuate the shapes on the exterior. Meanwhile, its 23-inch wheels and tyres make the concept “ideal for both city and off-road driving,” says Nissan.

The Nissan Hyper Punk has been designed as a mobile creative studio, providing internet connectivity within the cabin and is able to link to its occupants’ devices and creative equipment, thus enabling them to access information and create content on the move, the carmaker said.

Part of its content creation feature set includes onboard cameras which capture images of the scenery around the vehicle, which are then converted to manga-style visuals or graphic patterns through the use of AI. The imagery can then be shown on a three-screen display that arcs around the driver.

The cabin of the Hyper Punk concept also employs AI with headrest-installed biosensors to detect the driver’s mood and then automatically select music and lighting to suit, that way boosting the driver’s energy and creativity, says Nissan. Additionally, the V2X system in the vehicle enables the operation and charging of the users’ devices.

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  • The Japs are so afraid to launch EV for the mass. Instead, they come out with funny and fancy EV concepts to syok sendiri.

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