PACE 2023: Performance and enhanced safety with the Volkswagen Golf GTI with IQ.Drive; save up to RM10k

The Premium Auto Car Expo (PACE) is happening next weekend at the Setia City Convention Centre (SCCC) from November 4-5. If you’re in search of the best deals on new and pre-owned premium cars, PACE 2023 is where you’ll want to be because you’ll also be able to enjoy additional perks and stand a chance to win great prizes.

Volkswagen fans can look forward to getting up close with the Golf GTI at the event. A nameplate that goes back decades, the Golf GTI has been the quintessential hot hatch across generations. The latest Mk8 model continues this tradition by delivering impressive performance thanks to its powerful 2.0 litre TSI engine that is rated at 245 PS and 370 Nm of torque.

However, it’s not just performance where the Golf GTI excels because it has been updated this year to include IQ.Drive in its kit list. This brings a number of advanced driver assistance systems that can help make your daily drive more convenient and safer. Here’s how:

  • Front Assist – Volkswagen’s version of autonomous emergency braking (AEB) uses sensors to continuously monitor the road ahead for other vehicles and obstacles. In the event the system detects there’s a risk of a potential collision – like when a car suddenly brakes abruptly in traffic – and you do not respond, it will provide audio and visual alerts beforehand. Should you still not react in time, the system automatically applies the brakes to help mitigate a collision.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control – building on Front Assist, this system improves upon traditional passive control and uses a radar to maintain a set distance to the car ahead. Useful for long highway drives, the system will also manage your vehicle’s speed according to the vehicle ahead, up to a limit set by the driver.
  • Side Assist – this is Volkswagen’s blind spot monitoring system that warns you when there’s a vehicle in your blind spot when you’re attempting to switch lanes, which is useful if it’s difficult to turn your head to check blind spots. The system also works Lane Assist to help provide corrective steering intervention to prevent a collision in this instance.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert – an extension of Side Assist, this system monitors for cars approaching from the rear left or right of the vehicle when reversing at speeds of up to 12 km/h, and will warn the driver with visual and audio alerts. In situations where you’re trying to reverse out but it’s hard to spot for cars crossing behind you as there are other cars parked beside you, the system provides assistance by detecting at an angle of 180 degrees and up to 50 metres.
  • Lane Assist – this system works at speeds from 56 km/h and will warn the driver if he or she is drifting out of lane, which is something that does happen when fatigue sets in on long highway drives. In that instance, the system will provide audio and visual warnings and provide steering assistance to keep the car in the lane, unless the turn signals are engaged to notify the system that you’re actually trying to make a lane change.

PACE 2023: Performance and enhanced safety with the Volkswagen Golf GTI with IQ.Drive; save up to RM10k

These systems that come with IQ.Drive are not there to disrupt your driving experience, but to provide support to help relieve the burden of driving when you need them. More importantly, IQ.Drive is there to keep you safe as it is always alert and ready to step in when your focus is taken away on the road.

Head on over the PACE 2023 to check out the Golf GTI with IQ.Drive for yourself and enjoy savings up to RM10,000 as well as seven years of free maintenance when you make a booking. Of course, there are other plus points when you book a new vehicle at PACE 2023, as we’re also awarding RM2,500 worth of vouchers from our supporting partners.

These include a RM500 voucher for auto window film and auto coating (V-Kool), RM500 voucher for car mats (Dodomat), RM500 voucher for air purification solutions (Blueair), RM500 voucher for child car seats (Recaro Kids) and RM500 voucher for personalised and customised leather seats (DK Schweizer).

PACE 2023: Performance and enhanced safety with the Volkswagen Golf GTI with IQ.Drive; save up to RM10k

In addition to Volkswagen, other participating car brands at PACE 2023 include BMW and MINI (both represented by Auto Bavaria); Mercedes-Benz (represented by Hap Seng Star); Audi, Volvo, Proton, Mitsubishi and smart (all represented by EON); Subaru; Hyundai; BYD and Isuzu. There will also be premium motorcycles from BMW Motorrad at the show.

PACE 2023 is supported by title sponsor Petronas, a household name in the energy industry with a presence in over 50 countries, most prominently in Malaysia. The event also has myTukar as a co-sponsor, which offers customers a platform serving as full-stack solution for buying and selling used cars in an easy and convenient manner.

Find out more about the Golf GTI with IQ.Drive by clicking here or by heading over to PACE 2023. With guaranteed vouchers and other rewards in store, this is one event that you won’t want to miss, so mark your calendars for November 4-5 and we’ll see you at SCCC.