Almost 200,000 diesel vehicles approved for SKDS 2.0, ministry reports surge in fuel subsidy applications

Almost 200,000 diesel vehicles approved for SKDS 2.0, ministry reports surge in fuel subsidy applications

A total of 198,046 public transport and goods vehicles of 59,940 companies have been approved for the Diesel Subsidy Control System (SKDS) as of Wednesday, June 12, reported The Star. “With SKDS 1.0 covering 10 vehicles, a total of 33 types of public transport vehicles are now included in the list,” minister of domestic trade and cost of living Datuk Armizan Mohd Ali said.

Applications for a total of 156,242 vehicles from 40,262 companies were received as of June 9, and a significant increase in daily applications was recorded following the announcement of the diesel subsidy rationalisation earlier this week on June 10, Armizan said.

“The ministry is forecasting continuous higher applications until June 30, in line with the cash payment to SKDS recipients who have yet to receive their fleet card. Those who are eligible can immediately apply through to receive the targeted subsidy offered by the government,” the minister said, assuring that immediate approvals would be granted under the MySubsidi Diesel system if all details were in order.

Almost 200,000 diesel vehicles approved for SKDS 2.0, ministry reports surge in fuel subsidy applications

Earlier this week, the ministry of finance named the types of vehicles which do not qualify for the Budi Individual targeted diesel subsidy assistance in Peninsular Malaysia, under the Budi Madani assistance programme.

On Tuesday, a number of businesses indicated that they have, or are going to increase their prices as these involved vehicle-towing and concrete production, which are not covered by targeted diesel subsidies.

Meanwhile, operations costs for tour bus services would increase by 30% as tour buses are excluded from the targeted subsidy programme, said the Peninsular Tour Bus Operators Association, and operators of tour bus services have appealed to the government to be added to the programme.

Yesterday, the ministry of domestic trade and cost of living (KPDN) said that it is studying the possibility of adding more vehicle types to the list. The ministry has also announced its WhatsApp hotline to field complaints from the public regarding pricing and supply issues related to the implementation of the Subsidised Diesel Control System (SKDS) 2.0.

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  • Reporting how many surge is no point, tell us how many has approved. If 99% got rejected and then they go and hike prices of their good and services whats the point of this subsidy removal? It dont hurt the rich business owners but the rakyat only. So whom does this subsidy removal help? The Gomen? The rich owners? Certainly not the regular rakyat!

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    • Ajibkor at Kajang paying more for satay on Jun 14, 2024 at 1:30 pm

      Today,my favourite tomyam noodle gone up by 50sen,since day 1 of the diesel price spike.
      The hawker said every hawker in his foodcourt has upped prices pre emptively.
      The noodles have been bought at old prices a week or two earlier.
      So,it is cantonese “rob while the fire is raging”.
      So,noodles,roti chanai,tosei…the list is expanding..latest construction materials like granite stones,sand,other building materials that r hurt by no bantuan suppliers.The M40s are already downgraded easily as the new B40s.(upper strata).
      So,in sickness or in health,richer or poorer,especially the poorer or poorest are affected.

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  • alibaba on Jun 14, 2024 at 9:22 am

    jokers on the stage

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