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  • AP Holders Told Not To Compete With Proton

    I wonder why the government agree that competition, even foreign competition would be healthy for it’s broadband market but not it’s automotive market. It’s clear that Proton lags far behind the international car manufacturing standards. […]

  • SOHC vs DOHC Valvetrains: A Comparison

    Plenty of people have been talking about how the Savvy only has an SOHC engine so it is inferior, and old technology. So I decided to post this entry so that people will be better […]

  • BMW enters the crossover SUV market

    BMW will be entering the crossover SUV market with their new X6, which is currently undergoing testing laps in Germany’s Nurburgring test track. The name is not finalised as X6 is just a rumour that’s […]

  • Volvo XC90 V8

    Volvo has a new XC90 out with a naturally aspirated 4.4 litre V8 engine inside. Marketed as the best V8 for the planet, the engine has ultra low emissions and it is the most powerful […]

  • Mazda Crossport CX-7

    Mazda takes a shot at the BMW X3 with it’s new SUV called the CX-7. The CX-7 is derived from the Mazda Crossport concept which it had been showcasing at some autoshow exhibitions lately. It’s […]

  • Isuzu D-MAX

    We have a new addition to the recent launch of new pick-up trucks this year – The Isuzu D-MAX. Isuzu in Malaysia has always been focused on heavy trucks and pickups mostly with diesel engine. […]

  • Cheaper Japanese Vehicles But With A Condition?

    A Free Trade Agreement was finalised and signed between Malaysia and Japan on Wednesday. The Japan-Malaysia Economic Partnership Agreement (JMEPA) focuses on solving issues with the trade of automobile and steel between the two countries. […]

  • An Amusing Usage for the Proton Savvy?

    This is a weird way to prove the strength of the Proton Savvy chassis. I don’t know whether to call it an honour or an insult. Quite amusing :P Don’t take it too seriously, it’s […]

  • Why Can’t Karamjit Singh Secure Sponsorship?

    That is the question that I am asking. That’s the question Karamjit himself is asking. And I bet almost every single automotive enthusiast who I know will be asking. Together with his co-driver Allen Oh, […]


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