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  • ePetrol: possible fuel subsidy control mechanism?

    Those who attended the World Congress on Information Technology 2008 (WCIT 2008) this week may have spotted this display by ePetrol Sdn Bhd. While the company was more friendlier and interested in demoing to Datuks […]


  • Ingress gets Perodua MPV supply contract

    Ingress Technologies Sdn Bhd was recently awarded the contract for the supply of 6 modules for a new Perodua model, which includes the reinforcement roof child part, door child part, rocker panel assembly, fuel lid […]


  • SM Nasarudin appointed Naza Group CEO

    In line with the late Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin SM Amin’s wishes, his second son SM Nasarudin has been appointed as the CEO and executive chairman of the NAZA Group of Companies as of the […]


  • Bentley Continental GT imported by Naza World

    Naza World is now selling the Bentley Continental GT with a price tag starting from RM1 million upwards. The Continental GT is a 2-door Grand Tourer largely based on the Volkswagen D platform of which […]


  • Government extends Puspakom monopoly

    The Puspakom vehicle inspection monopoly first signed in 1994 for 15 years has been renewed for another 15 years even before it expires next year. The renewal was made on February 14th 2007 despite 392 […]


  • PM: Government has stopped protecting Proton

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi claims that the government has stopped Proton’s protective policies because it has started up programs like the Industrial Adjustment Fund which exempts excise duty payment depending on the […]


  • Individual permits for taxi drivers proposed

    The Entrepreneurial and Cooperatives Development Ministry is proposing that individual taxi driver licenses be issued to help taxi drivers earn more. Taxi drivers currently have to work for companies who hold these taxi licenses. These […]


  • Government looking into purpose-built taxis?

    According to Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development Minister Datuk Noh Omar, his ministry will be approaching to discuss the development of a new type of taxi to replace the the bulk of the aging taxis that […]


  • Subsidised petrol soon only for verified Malaysians

    According to Berita Minggu, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Dato’ Shahrir Samad says Malaysians may soon have to present their identity cards at petrol stations before being able to fill up their fuel tanks […]



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