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  • More AP Updates

    More AP Updates

    Rafidah says she is too hurt to reply. But the cabinet wants to hear her side of the story. The ball is in her court. Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak says she might be asked […]


  • Fuel prices are UP again

    Fuel prices are UP again

    Fuel prices went up again, effected 12:00AM 31st July 2005. Petrol is up 10 cents, diesel up 20 cents and Liquified Petroleum Gas is up 5 cents.


  • No Lotus Involvement in Proton New Engine?

    No Lotus Involvement in Proton New Engine?

    The piece of news was about something else, but I noticed something strange… The possible change of owner is bound to create uncertainty at Lotus, which has just embarked on a 10-year plan to transform […]


  • Ford Malaysia to launch new Ford Focus

    I remember the previous Focus was launched back in 1999. It won a grand total of 78 automotive awards and was brought into Malaysia by Ford Malaysia in CBU form. I first saw the hot […]


  • Volkswagen still keen to buy Proton

    Volkswagen still keen to buy Proton

    Volkswagen and Proton are still in talks and it could end up with Volkswagen AG buying as much as 30% stake in Proton, or nothing at all. Volkswagen and Khazanah Nasional officials met at the […]


  • Kleemann APs

    Kleemann APs

    The government says that the number of Franchise APs given to recipients are only as much as car makes of the car franchise they can sell.


  • The 2004 AP List

    The 2004 AP List

    The 2004 AP list is out. Khairy says he did not get any APs. Someone connected to Rafidah is pissed off. The government denies the Naza Ria was given national car status.


  • Badawi: “Okay, publish all!”

    Badawi: “Okay, publish all!”

    MITI Minister Rafidah Aziz will publish the full list of AP recipients, after our prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi instructed her to publish the full list while he was in South Africa for a 3-day […]


  • Badawi: “Proton CEO to be Malaysian”

    Hopes of Malaysians for a foreign CEO to steer Proton into a better era is dashed with this statement which our PM gave to Malaysian press during his 3-day visit to South Africa. On Tengku […]


  • Mahaleel Down, Proton Shares Up

    Proton shares jumped 11 per cent to a high of RM9.35 but later eased to close at RM9.15, an 8.3 per cent gain for the day after it’s board announced it’s on the lookout for […]



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