Martin Winterkorn

Porsche is allegedly slowly increasing its stake in Volkswagen from the current 31% to a supposed figure of more than 50%, and the two companies have released a joint special edition version of the Volkswagen Caddy called the Volkswagen Caddy Carrera Cup Edition 2.0 TDI R, but the relationship between the two groups isn’t exactly a bed of roses, if German magazine Der Spiegel is right about what they just reported.

According to Der Spiegel, Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn has threatened to resign if Porsche interferes with Volkswagen Group operations, something which might happen as Audi and Audi-owned Lamborghini’s products are seen as direct competitors to Porsche products.

A photo of the Caddy Carrera Cup is available after the jump.

VW Caddy Carrera Cup