Proton is really ramping up things on the CVT front, by the looks of it. Just recently the company announced that it will be introducing Continuous Variable Transmission in its upcoming range of vehicles.

Now, a check on the Prosboc, or the Proton Saga BLM Owner’s Club, page on Facebook reveals a very interesting post made yesterday – a Saga FLX, which is equipped with a CVT drivetrain, and comments there say it is a six-speed unit.

There’s no accompanying info on the car, so we can’t say if the Saga FLX runs with a 1.6 or 1.3 litre powertrain. In May, there was a pre-facelift Saga that was used as a test mule for the CVT transmission, and that one had a 1.3 mill.

In any case, the batch of photos on the post give a far better view of that which is new and brewing at Proton – and is a clear indication that the adoption of the tech is going to be big. Our thanks to @xnaiox for steering us via Twitter to the post!

Photos after the jump.

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