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Renault is placing a great emphasis on incorporating hybrid power into its next-generation of performance cars. As we reported earlier, even Mercedes-Benz is looking into making their AMG-spec cars more powerful and cleaner with hybrid power.

As clichéd as it sounds, the future is definitely electric. Renault’s performance arm, Renaut Sport is totally open to the idea of using hybrid powertrain to greatly improve its future performance models. Speaking to Autocar UK, the company’s managing director, Patrice Ratti said, “today the problem of a fully-electric sports car is that you need a lot of batteries, but we’re also working on hybrid for sports cars.”

He says that apart from less CO2 emissions, the increase in acceleration from electric motors is a great advantage. But, he is mindful of the costly nature of developing such technology, so budgetary constraints could make it tough road ahead for them.

Presently, Renault’s performance cars such as the Clio RS and Megane RS do not have hybrid power, so there is a great opportunity for Renault Sport to offer truly electrifying performance in the near future.

Renault Clio RS 200 EDC Sirius Yellow 38

Ratti goes on to explain that Renault’s performance division is also closely involved in the Formula E single-seater race series, and he believes Formula E will play an important role in accelerating the development of electric vehicles as the core of advancements lie in enhancing battery technology.

A conservative estimate for the introduction of electric and hybrid systems could be around five to 10 years, but Ratti thinks it could happen sooner. “In electronics you never can tell; it could be faster than we predict.”

“In a few years’ time, I am sure we will have three or four times the range we have today,” Ratti said. These are exciting times for Renault Sport, and the marque as a whole. We can certainly look forward to more powerful yet environmentally responsible cars from Renault in the near future.